Wednesday, February 24, 2016

AVG Antivirus PRO APK Free Download for Android

Scan and protect your mobiles and tablets with AVG Antivirus PRO APK for Android Security. The latest version 5.1.2 is best among all other security apps. The latest APK is compatible for android mobiles and tablets. Download AVG Antivirus PRO APK through the link provided below, but before proceeding to download let’s have a look about the cool features of this APK.

Features of AVG Antivirus Pro APK 

  • Scan your mobile internal and external memory with a simple tap.
  • AVG will auto find threats and show notifications about the threats.
  • Clean safely all malwares from your android mobiles.
  • Protect your mobile from unwanted threats.
  • Anti-thefts options is available in pro version.
  • Locate your lost phone through map.
  • Real time protection will automatically block all unwanted apps and games as well as block all threads.
  • Delete all identified viruses from your android mobiles.
  • Scan all your app, games and other file data and check for threats. 
  • Protect your privacy and lock your phone with your personal setting.
  • Space your android memory and check for high size apps.
  • Remove all those tasks that cause of your android mobiles slower.
  • You can easily monitor your data storage and battery timing with a simple and easy tap.
  • Check for unwanted calls and SMS, block all irritating calls and text.
  • Apps-Backup will help you to take backup for all your android stuff.
  • Through device lock option will help you to lock your phone when sim replaced.
  • Top rated defender of spyware, malware and other malicious threats.
  • Through AVG Pro APK you can identify unsecure devices and apps, fixed them to secure your mobiles from crashes.
  • Real time will help you to check your online data. Secure to browse website and check for unsecure sites. Block online virus boots.
  • If you find any threats in any website, AVG will redirect you to the safe page. 
  • Make your phone ring even in silent mood. 
  • Take photo to those person who try to unlock you mobile phone. 
  • Check through your pc and locate your phone through map.
The latest version released on Feb 04, 2016 with improvement of performance and some bugs fixed. AVG is one of the top rated android Security Apps. Thousand millions of people around the globe using and showing their trust on this version. The security APP is copyrighted of AVG.COM and you can read full about the app on their website.

furthermore you can also check 360 Security App for your android mobiles,  you can also check the Avira Antivirus and Avast Antivirus mobiles security to keep safe your android mobile from  unwanted threats and viruses.

If you have any feel troubled about the latest version contact with developers on No credit cards require for free version, but you need to upgrade later on to exercise all features of the App.

You can download the latest APK of AVG Antivirus Android Security through the link below. The link is safe and no malwares or other apps are attached. Get the app and enjoy with unlimited features.

Install from Google Play Store
AVG Antivirus APK for Android Security Download here (Zippyshare)

AVG Antivirus PRO APK Free Download for Android Rating: 4.5 Diposkan Oleh: Premium Apks


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